Soft Solutions, Inc. offers a wide range of business applications for all your needs!

4-Sight FAX

Introducing a business-strength, Internet-enabled fax solution providing the communications power and portability you need to achieve profitability in today’s fast-paced, increasingly mobile, cost-conscious economy. 4-Sight FAX, the first Macintosh fax server for OS X, provides both network fax and broadcast fax capabilities.  Send and receive faxes directly from Macintosh & Windows computers.

4-Sight FAX continues to lead the network faxing industry, giving Mac & PC users greater efficiency and more options for their messaging needs. You can send, receive, prioritize and customize your faxes, addresses and cover pages with just a few clicks. Enterprise fax software has never been easier!

  1. The first network faxing solution to integrate with Mac OS X.
  2. Worldwide access to your faxes with 4-Sight FAX clients over TCP/IP internet connections.
  3. Multiple lines of throughput for sending and receiving faxes from one machine.
  4. Convenience of faxing directly from Mac’s or PC’s instead of manual loading and retrieving of faxes.
  5. Fax from any program that can print through 4-Sight FAX print driver.
  6. Become a paperless office by reducing or eliminating hardcopy faxes.
  7. Secure privacy of faxes through login protection of software.
  8. Never lose a fax again with permanent archiving of sent and received faxes.

To learn more, visit the 4-Sight FAX product page.


FaxPack provides complete and reliable fax integration directly within 4D. Since 1996, FaxPack has been the 4D Developer’s choice for production environments with heavy faxing requirements. 4-Sight FAX version 7 now provides customers with a TCP/IP based fax server allowing the sending and receiving of faxes via any Internet connection.

To learn more, visit the FaxPack product page.


The ultimate 4D query engine, DataStrike! is a five-star, supercharged query tool that incorporates speed, simplicity, breadth, depth and flexibility. It’s a sophisticated tool capable of cracking the toughest 4D query. DataStrike!’s lightning-speed accuracy and superior intelligence will wow even the most advanced 4D programmers.

To learn more, visit the DataStrike! product page.


Writing scheduling software in 4D has historically been tedious, labor intensive and difficult to maintain. SchedulePack version 3 brings a new level of capability while removing this hairsplitting tedium.

To learn more, visit the SchedulePack product page.

PDF Direct

PDF Direct provides the ability to print a PDF document directly from within a 4th Dimension database. PDF Direct works with 4th Dimension 6.0 through 4th Dimension 2004. Using PDF Direct, 4D Developers can programmatically name and deliver any 4D Print job, with appropriate specifications, into an Adobe Acrobat “PDF” format file.

To learn more, visit the PDF Direct product page.

PowerTrax Pro

The comprehensive manufacturer representative’s tool. Work more efficiently and maximize your conversion rates!

Unlike generic databases and contact managers, PowerTrax® Pro is built exclusively for the manufacturer’s rep industry. By working closely with both stocking and non-stocking Rep firms within the industry, Soft Solutions has developed and refined the product’s feature set to accommodate even the most rigorous Rep Agency requirements.

To learn more, visit the PowerTrax Pro product page.