The ultimate 4D query engine, DataStrike! is a five-star, supercharged query tool that incorporates speed, simplicity, breadth, depth and flexibility. It’s a sophisticated tool capable of cracking the toughest 4D query. DataStrike!’s lightning-speed accuracy and superior intelligence will wow even the most advanced 4D programmers.

Key Features

  • Platform independent – one set of code for both Windows and Mac OS
  • Optimized for large databases
  • Saved searches available from filter pop-ups
  • Supports circular database paths (two)
  • Portable to an 4D v6 application with a v6 Insider Library
  • Query related tables for totals, averages, minimums, maximums or record counts
  • Field list pop-up for simplified data entry
  • Enhances vertical market products with a level of sophistication and value that literally leapfrogs competitors


  • New Software Purchase: Royalty-free developer licenses are $329 (price includes both Windows and Mac OS versions).
  • Upgrade Software Purchase: Upgrade pricing is $229 (price includes both Windows and Mac OS versions).