PDF Direct Plug-In Pricing (4D)

v2->v3 Developer Upgrade License Version 3 Developer License Single Server Deployment License (for the 1st year) Single Server Deployment Renewal (for years 2 and on) OEM Annual Server Deployment License OEM Annual Engine Deployment License OEM Annual Eng. & Server Deployment License
Macintosh $250 $295 $250 $150 $395 $150 $495
Windows* $250 $295 $250 $150 $395 $150 $495
Mac/Win $475 $575 $475 $275 $775 $275 $975

*PDF Direct version 3 includes the PDF Direct Windows Print Driver(s), which are 32 bit and 64 bit compatible.

The Macintosh print drivers are also 32-bit and 64-bit (Snow Leopard) compatible.

PDF-XChange v4 Windows Print Driver Pricing

Prices below are in addition to PDF Direct Deployment costs.

PDF-XChange v4 Individual
Deployment (Single User)
for 4D or Filemaker Applications
PDF-XChange v4 Unlimited
Deployment (Unlimited Users)
for 4D or Filemaker Applications
Works on XP, 2000, Vista & 7
$37.95 $450
Description PDF-XChange v3 or v4 Deployment License for Single Users allows customers to create PDF files directly from a single 4D or FMP application (i.e., one Windows machine) via the PDF Direct plug-in. PDF-XChange Unlimited Deployment License (v3 or v4) allows customers to create PDF files directly within 4D or FMP via the PDF Direct plug-in for an unlimited number of customers & sites for a single 4D or FMP application.


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