Writing scheduling software in 4D has historically been tedious, labor intensive and difficult to maintain. SchedulePack version 4 removes the hair splitting tedium while delivering an exceptional, interactive visual medium for calendars.

Developers will appreciate its purpose: To minimize their development time while transforming complex data into a viable, highly usable interactive information management tool. Please review the features below to see how it can help you. For more detailed information, view our FAQ.

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New Features

Introducing The One Month View

The One Month View is the newest member of the SchedulePack view options. The One Month View includes:

  • Built-in drag and drop & double-click capabilities for multi-day banners and all other scheduled events.
  • Newly added support for both daily and event-based pictures. With the new optimized event formatting via linear programming-based algorithms, day formats are intelligently organized to handle both overcrowded and mixed event-type days.
  • Complete formatting w/ foreground & background colors, icons & text.
  • Every event has direct access to a contextual-based menu & custom callback programming options, making all of these capabilities instantly accessible to end-users.
  • Unicode support under 4D v11.
  • Advanced Properties support; Minimizing the developers setup time.

Interactive Timeline

An innovative v4 time-line feature enables 4D developers to list resources & icons in the left-most columns and show each resource’s scheduled time across multiple days.

Using either records or arrays, 4D developers can easily solve a variety of difficult scheduling problems visually, given their complete programmatic control over all resource objects and labels.

Designed so your end-users can see conflicts visually and correct them interactively, your applications will deliver the power to keep them informed and in control. Now with access to v4 contextual menus throughout all primary SchedulePack areas, end-users can get more work done faster and with less effort.

A record and/or array-based solution, 4D developers have complete control over data, text, fonts, size, date and time ranges , headers, labels, background, attributes & color.

Contextual Menus

Imagine the power an end-user will experience by giving them the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Duplicate events as well as perform any other application specific event requirement by issuing a simple control-click on any object they want to change.

4D developers can quickly add this capability to most SchedulePack areas, because the plug-in arrives with the above-options built-in – without any coding! Alternatively, for those that must move heaven and earth and put endless capabilities at an end-users fingertips, callback methods are only a call away.

The SchedulePack Chart Tool

The Chart Tool provides 4D developers a simple, effective one day display tool. Resource names show in the left hand margin while showing their blocks of scheduled time for a single day from left to right. This tool serves as an abbreviated version of the SchedulePack time-line feature.

An array-based solution, 4D developers have complete control over data, text, fonts, size and attributes & color.

Designed so your end-users can have it “their way”, you can now provide and print specific scheduling information in an informative and innovative manner.

The SchedulePack Resource View

The Resource View allows the SchedulePack engine to deliver an organized visual medium enabling end-users to instantly spot resource conflicts, make necessary changes and get on about their day-to-day business. At the heart and soul of this relational search engine tool is the Resource view, enabling end-users to manage complex data more easily. People, Rooms, and all other resources can finally take front stage on a calendar, where they belong. Designed to eliminate coding nightwares, the Resource view provides ultimate end-user and programmer flexibility by automatically reassigning Resource ID’s when end users work through what-if scenarios.

4D v11, 2004 and Macintosh OS X (Snow Leopard) and full Windows Vista and 7 Support – Fast, innovative and simplified 4D Scheduling has never been easier – and version 4 works for both the new and experienced developer as well as the simple and sophisticated end-user. Click, move or stretch a colored object to edit a database record. Option-click to change colors. SchedulePack is just warming up.

It’s simple, easy and compelling for Users. It’s fast & powerful for developers. Most databases can integrate complete scheduling with multiple views capability in a day.

The SchedulePack Dates View

Developer Display control SchedulePack 4 provides a greater degree of developer control over complex 4D scheduling areas while adding support for Macintosh OS X. Providing full search and display control over the scheduling data presented, 4D Developers can display or print specific data, giving users exactly what they need while hiding unnecessary data.

Using the Macintosh OS X Color wheel, the 4D v11 Developer has control over millions of colors and the gradient fill option which provides a beautifully tapered color fill.