What is required for SchedulePack v4 to work on my system?

To run SchedulePack v4 on your system, it is necessary to have the following licensing in place:

  • Developer licensing is required to work with the SchedulePack plug-in within a 4D developer environment running in interpreted mode.To develop a 4D application, under 4th Dimension or 4D Server, a developer license is required for each platform developed on (Macintosh or Windows).
  • Deployment licensing is required to run compiled 4D applications under 4D server, 4D Engine or both.

A deployment license is required for any platform where a compiled 4D application is running on 4D Server.

There are two types of deployment licenses:

  1. Individual 4D Deployment licenses can be purchased for one 4D Server (with a unique 4D Server serial number). 4D Developers can obtain the individual 4D Server serial number (it is unique) using the 4D “Get Serial Information” command. This licensing is aimed at single 4D applications running on one 4D server and does not have an expiration date.
  2. OEM Deployment licenses can be purchased for 1 year for an unlimited number of 4D Server applications. Under this licensing, the deployment license runs for a 1 year term. This licensing is available for 4D vertical market applications. In version 4, intermittent reminder dialog boxes do not appear on compiled 4D Client / Server vertical market applications, however, licenses still in operation after their expiration write alert messages to a dedicated server to notify Soft Solutions of the illegally operating license and associated developer. For this reason, annual deployment licensing renewal is necessary for 4D developers to legally deploy a 4D Server-based application once the previous license expires.